Gesher Music Festival Success!


Well, our inaugural season of the Gesher Music Festival is over and it was a smashing success!  We played 4 chamber music concerts, 1 gala and 5 outreach events, and everything went incredibly well.  The musicians (pictured above) were all fantastic and the audiences were impressed and inspired.  We’re already beginning to throw around some dates for next year’s festival.

The concerts were not reviewed by any critics, but we did get quite a bit of press in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Jewish Light, the Beacon, and St. Louis Public Radio.  Be sure to check out these articles and interviews!

“Chamber music makes connections”–St. Louis Beacon

“Festival connects audiences, chamber music”–St. Louis Jewish Light

“Chamber music festival aims to build cultural bridges”–St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“Gesher Music Festival hopes to connect emerging artists with new audiences”–St. Louis Beacon

Interviews with the Gesher Music Festival participants–St. Louis Beacon

“NJT presents inaugural Gesher Music Festival”–St. Louis Jewish Light

Interview about Gesher Music Festival on St. Louis Public Radio’s Cityscape


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