Upcoming Shenanigans!

Just wanted to write about a couple of upcoming concerts and projects that I’m pretty excited about!  First of all, my quartet, Chicago Q Ensemble, is gearing up for a cool collaboration between a poet, a composer, and a shadow puppet troupe, called FJORDS.  The performances of FJORDS will take place the weekend of February 23rd at the Poetry Foundation in Chicago, with a run-out show at the Empty Bottle on March 2nd.  And in the meantime, besides rehearsing, we’re fundraising!!  Check out our Kickstarter and watch the awesome video that the folks at Manual Cinema (the shadow puppet company) made!  If you feel like chipping in a few bucks, we would be most obliged!

Also on the horizon, I will be getting together soon with Tarn Travers and Louise Chan to put on some trio concerts!  We’ll be performing at the Music Institute of Chicago on December 18th and 19th, and then taking it on the road to perform in St. Louis on December 21st.  If you’re interested in getting tickets for the St. Louis concert, click here.  Hope to see you there!


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