Chicago Q Ensemble

Well, my life has certainly been taking some interesting twists and turns lately!  For the last 3 years, I have been completely immersed in the orchestral world.  Playing in orchestra every week, practicing for orchestral auditions diligently, taking lessons with orchestral musicians…In other words, living, breathing, and dreaming of ORCHESTRA.  I knew it was time for a change, and that’s probably why I ended up starting the Gesher Music Festival–sometimes, you just need a little chamber music in your life!  Well, I suppose you could say I asked for it, because now I’m the latest member of the Chicago Q Ensemble, a string quartet dedicated to making chamber music accessible and engaging through collaboration, performance and education.  It’s an all-female ensemble, and the other members are a true delight, both personally and musically.  In lieu of a professional photo, here’s a casual shot we took yesterday just to have at least ONE picture of us together. (since I’ve only been with them for 2 weeks now, we’ve had more important things to do like REHEARSE than schedule photoshoots!)

Aimee (viola), Kate (violin), Ellen (violin), and yours truly

I’m so excited for this new step in my career–playing chamber music has always been a passion of mine, but I never thought it would realistically turn into a tangible career path.  We have some really exciting things lined up for this year, starting with a concert inspired by ambitious dreamers:

If you’re interested, you can order tickets online.  Also, stay tuned for more info about our upcoming collaboration with a poet, a composer, and a shadow puppet troupe.  Or get more details here if that vague statement left you curious.

I can’t wait to start performing with these fabulous musicians–I hope some of you will be able to make it to our concerts this year!


New Beginnings

Well, I finished my 3rd and final year of New World last May and had a fantastic summer–I traveled to Aldeburgh, England for the Britten-Pears Young Artist Programme, returned for a 3rd summer at the Wintergreen Music Festival, and I ran (with the help of my wonderful mother) the inaugural Gesher Music Festival of Emerging Artists, which was a great success!  So….now what, you may ask?  I’m moving to Chicago!  I’m finally moving back in with Richard (wait, 3 years of long distance including 1 year of long-distance marriage isn’t normal??) and, while he continues to teach at The Music Academy in Rockford (which got a fancy new name since they disassociated themselves from Rockford College), I’ll be looking for freelance work in and around the Chicago area.

I’m sure lots of interesting things will be coming up for me throughout the year that I’m not expecting yet, but some of the projects I’m already sure to be participating in are…

-I won a seat in the Elgin Symphony and will be playing with them all year

-I’m starting a trio with violinist Tarn Travers and pianist Louise Chan–we are currently setting up concerts for this December, so stay tuned!

-I’ll still be traveling occasionally to Miami to play with the Firebird Chamber Orchestra, the orchestra of Seraphic Fire

-Richard and I will be starting a little cello-duo business.  So if you know anyone in the Chicago area who’s getting married or throwing a party, send them our way!

-I will be playing with the Northwest Indiana Symphony Orchestra

-I will be subbing with the Milwaukee Symphony on occasion, and hopefully others…

I’m very excited for this new stage in my career, and will continue updating the blog with my current adventures, as well as the calender on my website for the latest happenings.

Also, now that I’m on WordPress, please become a subscriber to my blog!  I FINALLY have a fully functional website, might as well make use of it!