Great friends, great chamber music: THIS Sunday

It all started with a glass of bourbon, a plate full of crackers, and some insanely delectable¬†butter (the organic butter from the local farmer’s market that’s so delicious and addictive, it has been lovingly coined¬†“crack butter”). I was sitting in the middle of the Blue Ridge mountains with Anne Lanzilotti, one of my dearest friends, and slowly our conversation evolved into something along these lines…

Anne: We should really read Caroline’s duo sometime. It’s super easy to put together, and it would be so much fun to play it with you.
Sara: YESSSS. I would love that. Ya know, it would be great if we could even convince someone to let us perform it.
Anne: That WOULD be great. What if we put a whole show together?
Sara: I actually think we could make that happen. I can hook us up in Chicago…

Sara and Anne scheming in Brooklyn last week

More bourbon was consumed, more crack butter spread, and as we continued pondering together, a concert idea began to take shape: an evening filled with the string chamber music of Caroline Shaw, an old friend of both of ours…..who also happens to be a Pulitzer prize winning composer.

The show that we’ve come up with, which happens to be this Sunday night, is one of my favorite recent projects because it’s a coming together of old friends, new friends, quirky melodies, rich and open harmonies, innovative adaptations, and, well, excuses to fly one of my best friends out to Chicago to collaborate with me and my in-town musical soulmates, the ladies of Chicago Q Ensemble.

This will be NO stiff-collared classical music affair. If you come out, you can expect to hear Caroline’s music interweaved between old stories of camp friends, arrangements of string quartets for two violas instead of two violins (with Caroline’s blessing, of course!), flower pot percussion mastered by the fantabulous Jake Harpster, as well as the tales and travails of going to every Home Depot in the area to test the pitches of said flower pots. Caroline’s music is filled with joy and lightness, and is typically written for her friends. Taking that as our cue, the evening will be a celebration of our own friendships as we share the sheer delight of this music with you.

Sunday, January 25th
3111 N. Western Ave.

Limestone and Felt, for viola and cello
Valencia, for string quartet
In Manus Tuas, for solo viola
Punctum, for string quartet
Boris Kerner, for cello and flower pots
Entr’acte, for string quartet