Heading to Sydney!!

Most symphony orchestras and music festivals are based in a city.  Sure, they tour sometimes, but in general, their home is in one place.  Think about it: the New York Philharmonic, the Saint Louis Symphony, the Aspen Music Festival… Even their names imply that their most defining feature is their permanent location.  So if you heard of an orchestra called the YouTube Symphony Orchestra, where do you think it would be located?  On the internet?  All over the world?  Well, actually….YES, both.

After its inaugural concert two years ago which was performed live in New York and streamed over the web, the YouTube Symphony is making a comeback this March…in Sydney, Australia.  Thousands of people from all over the globe submitted audition videos on YouTube, and after a panel of judges narrowed it down to a group of finalists, the internet community at large was invited to vote for their favorite musicians.  And now, as a result of those votes, yours truly gets to go to Sydney in a couple of months to play with the YTSO!  It’s going to be amazing to get to know musicians from all over the world, perform in the iconic Sydney Opera House (pictured above), and, of course, traipse around Australia with a team of kangaroos and koala bears.  Oh, and I promise to at least TRY marmite.

A big thank you to everyone who voted for me–I wouldn’t have this opportunity if it weren’t for you.  If you’re interested in more YouTube happenings that I might be involved with, check out my YouTube channel.  And definitely check back here mid-March for a post from across the world!